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Lavish Rose Bath Salts
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Relax and unwind with these Lavish rose bath salts. 

Treat yourself to natural healing of rose soaking salts. Relieves sore muscles, and stiff joints while enjoying a restful break from the hectic world around you.  Lavish bath salts provide a spa quality aromatherapy and deep muscle relief while the rose oils provide  many natural therapeutic attributes.  Aroma filled baths have been a staple of relaxation and natural healing for years.  Bathing with these salts is like having a spa treatment right at home.The perfect gift for yourself or the special someone in your life.


  • Bath salts are fun and easy to use, simply add warm water. Add a few scoops of salt to your drawn bath, get in and relax! Bath salts will dissolve releasing a professional quality spa treatment in the comfort of your own tub.

Oil: Rose

Description: Large Course Grains with organic floating rose petals

Choice of 2 sizes of collectable tins- 2lbs and 5lbs. Wooden scoop included.
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